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Wythfield Plank by Louis A. Dabbieri ® - Trail

Wythfield Plank

Louis A. Dabbieri ®

Incomparable beauty. Unsurpassed performance. Imagine the striking appeal of weathered pine in a flooring that’s so much better – our exclusive Dabbieri Wythfield Plank! Unlike traditional pine, this solid-core vinyl plank flooring is waterproof, pet proof and kid proof with features that include an incredible 30mil wear layer, so it always looks amazing even under the toughest conditions. Available in your choice of 4 different hues, the wide (9”) planks showcase the exceptionally detailed imaging which is further enhanced by doubling the space between pattern repeats for a remarkably realistic look. Examine all the irresistible possibilities for extraordinary living today with Dabbieri Wythfield Plank!