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Wood Look Tile

When it comes to your home’s flooring, you don’t just want something passable. You deserve the highest standards for beauty, versatility, and durability, and that’s what you’ll find when you shop at Ken's Carpets & Flooring. Our wood look tile in San Rafael, CA, is the long-awaited solution for homeowners who desire a top-notch surface that offers both the look of natural wood and the durability of modern tile.

You can make your space stand out and stay stylish with one of our premier products. In our showroom, we offer nearly limitless design options to ensure that you can always find something to suit your tastes and project your personality throughout your home. The best part? Our options allow you to take the stunning look of real hardwood almost anywhere inside your house — even in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements with the right selection of either ceramic or porcelain wood tile.

Ceramic or Porcelain: What’s the Right Answer?

As with many areas of your home’s design, there are few absolute answers when it comes to choosing your ideal tile. However, our experience gives us unique insight into what tends to work best for more customers, more often than not. You can rely on that expertise for in-store advice, but how do you even start to consider the differences between porcelain and ceramic? Let’s bring it back to the three things you deserve from your floors: beauty, versatility, and durability.

  • Beauty - When it comes to appearance, there’s no clear winner between our products. Both our porcelain and ceramic wood tile selections feature curated cross-sections of the industry’s most attractive wood look choices.
  • Versatility - Whether your project is large or small, and no matter the complexity of your space, our ceramic has a slight edge in the area of adaptability. This advantage comes in the form of how easy it is to cut, allowing for a no-hassle installation process that leaves you with less stress. In addition, ceramic is generally priced lower, making it ideal for expansive renovations.
  • Durability - Few wood look materials can match our porcelain for strength. Both resistant to water and able to perform under the pressure of heavy traffic, it’s perfect for active families and spill-prone areas.

Exploring Every Option

We want you to get the best results possible form your project. Whether you choose our wood plank porcelain tile, its ceramic counterpart, or entirely different wood look materials like our incredible Karndean flooring, we’ll help you make the most of your purchase. Shop with us, and you’ll always enjoy the best that our industry has to offer.

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