Answers to Your Carpeting and Flooring Questions

What type of carpet fiber cleans the best?

The top cleaning fiber is solution dyed nylon.  Solution dyed means the color is added to the fiber before it is extruded.  We refer to solution dyed nylon as the carrot because similar to breaking a carrot in half, looking at the fiber under a microscope you can see the color goes all the way through. The carrot type fiber can withstand stronger stain cleaning solutions without losing any color.  Visit our showroom and ask one of our consultants to give you a more in depth explanation of the features and benefits of all the nylon and wool fibers that we sell.

Why do the stains keep coming back in the same spots after paying for a professional carpet cleaning?

One of the more frequent causes of stains coming back in the same place after cleaning is that the soiling or stain also exists in the padding.  After cleaning the carpets the stain will wick back up in the same spot from the residual content in the pad.  Purchasing a pad with a moisture barrier will help keep your carpets clean longer by preventing stains from passing into the pad.  There are different grades of moisture protection.  Ask one of our consultants to explain the benefits of the different pads we offer. 

What is the best floor for me?

This is a common question and we love hearing it because it gives us a chance to show you how valuable working with Ken's Carpets and Flooring can be.  There is no direct answer to this open question, but we will ask you pointed questions and actively listen to your responses.  That is right!  Listening is one our key practices nestled in our reputation for educating our customers.  See our project planning page to get a sense of the breadth of questions we will ask in response to an open question. 

What is the difference between engineered hardwood and laminate?

Engineered hardwood is real hardwood that is adhered to a dimensionally stable core, such as marine grade plywood or Canadian Pine.  The hardwood layer is sometimes called the 'wear layer' because the thicker it is the more times you will be able to sand and refinish should it become necessary due to wear.  Depending on the type of construction engineered hardwoods can be installed in many different ways.

Laminate on the other hand is a composed of a photograph of wood (or other type of natural material) that is embedded in melamine and this sheet is then laminated to a core of medium to high density fiber boards. Laminates are designed to be installed as a floating floor, and it cannot be nailed or stapled to the subfloor.  Though the laminate materials can be manufactured with thick scratch resistant finishes, the core is vulnerable to moisture. 

What is the advantage of wool?

Wool is a naturally resilient fiber that retains its pile, shape and height.  Wool is flame retardant and provides a natural thermal and sound insulation. It should be noted that the more reputable wool carpet manufacturers take an extra step in scouring the wool to remove the spinning oils that are added in the manufacturing process. Residual spinning oil can attract soiling in traffic areas and makes the carpet more difficult to keep clean. Sheep raised in different parts of the world grow hairs that have different characteristics as well. Come to our amazing showroom and touch and feel the differences.






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